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Who We Are

Founded by partners Salim and Amin in the spring of 2020, Alison Leather is a design brand that marks a new era of thinking. Products that are Simple, Elegant, Clean and without Excessive Labels.
Our approach has been affected by events in the world and in our own lives in the last 20 years. We aim to be conservatively fashionable instead of vulgar and over the top risqué. Our vision is to create quality, affordable, timeless, minimalistic looks and products that can be used everyday.
We have fashion fatigue and we’re tired of paying for brand logos.
Our “Alison Leather way” approach is now a lifestyle choice and we hope you join us on our journey to live a more minimalist life that can be a bit more sane.

A Few Words About

Our Team

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Founder - CEO

Amin Lalani




Rooman Khan

Lead Developer

Raheel Merchant

E-commerce Specialist

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We deliver high quality products with superior performance.

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Why Choose Us

Celebrate Luxury with Simple, Elegant, Clean design without Excessive Labels. We at Alison Leather are committed to bringing you the widest collection of products that reflects your inner tranquility all the while made with the best materials that suit your body, mind, and soul.

Look at what our clients say?

Alison Leather believes in the customer first

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